When it comes to all available car seat stroller combinations in the market, the Britax B-Agile is perhaps the best of all. The entire system weighs a total of just 27 pounds – 9 for the car seat and 18 for the stroller – which is quite lightweight already for its kind. Its car seat can also carry up to 35 pounds of baby weight while the stroller can accommodate up to 55 pounds.
Travel systems were designed for these scenarios. Whether you’re going to the zoo, the mall, or just a walk around the neighborhood, a car seat stroller combo can be a real lifesaver. It frees up your hands so you can handle other kids or drink your coffee. It provides storage for diaper bags, shopping bags, drinks and snacks. It keeps baby protected from the elements. And it won’t put extra strain on your already tired body. 

Where the City Select LUX truly comes into its own, though, is when you add a second seat. We've used this with our two kids as a double stroller and it's mostly worked flawlessly. Though adding the second seat kid gets expensive, you only need that if you need two full-size seats at the same time. If you've got one older kid and one newborn, you can just use the main seat on the lower section and use adapters to connect an infant car seat.
In just a few short months, your baby will be sitting up on her own and ready to ride in her stroller without the car seat. Since the usual stroller should last until your child is 50 or more pounds, you’ll want one with good suspension and easy maneuverability. A sleeping 3-year-old can often feel like they weigh a ton, so you want something you can push around easily without breaking your back and waking her up. The stroller should also be easy for your toddler to climb in and out of without having to be picked up.
If you’re checking your stroller on a plane trip, it will take a lot of abuse from baggage handling, so do remember to remove those cup holders and other accessories that can easily fall or break off (I have lost two cup holders this way – gah!). Also, remember to tag your stroller (and your car seat, for that matter) at the desk beforehand so you don’t hold up the line while boarding.
We haven’t tried this seat (though friends have), but we’ve heard that it can be a good choice for travel with older infants and toddlers. It’s almost as affordable as the Cosco seat above, with some versions priced under $75. It offers more room forward-facing and a higher weight limit, but isn’t as ideally suited for younger travelers. It weighs a moderate 15lbs, but probably wouldn’t be my top choice as a car seat to install in unfamiliar rental cars. Even so, it’s probably the best lightweight car seat for travel if you want just one travel car seat to last for many years. Check the latest prices here– you can also look for this clone that is sometimes cheaper.
Why do we love this Graco stroller? For starters, it comes with three wheels which make maneuverability much easier. It even has multiple recline adjusts to make older kids a lot comfortable during strolls plus the large storage basket with extendable rear pouch makes journeys, long or short, for parents. The stroller also comes with parent and child trays each with cup holders. Additionally, the 3- or 5-point harness (can convert to 3-point harness for older kids for added movement) is a great safety feature. Of course, the car seat also comes with the standard energy absorbing foam. Don’t worry because it is very safe even for newborns to use.

If your budget doesn't include funds for the more expensive Quinny Yezz and BabyZen Yoyo+, but you still have a need for a lightweight or second strolling option, then the ZOE XL1 BEST v2 is one you should consider. This lighter option comes from a family-owned business that understands the needs of modern parents. The BEST comes with features that you don't always find on umbrella strollers making it a good choice for those who want more from a lightweight stroller. The BEST has a storage bin, giant canopy, deep recline, snack cups, and quick fold.

A word about checking car seats on a plane: it’s not recommended for several reasons. Have you ever had a suitcase damaged by baggage handlers? I have! But at least it wasn’t a life-saving device. I’ve seen videos of car seats, even those that were gate checked, being tossed around during the loading and unloading process. There may be no visible signs of damage when you get your car seat back, but there could still be undetectable stresses to the material that would diminish the seat’s ability to protect your child in a serious accident. 

The most drool-worthy of these for jetsetting families is surely the Mountain Buggy Nano Protect travel system. The Mountain Buggy Protect car seat weighs in at just 8lbs, while the Nano stroller weighs only 13lbs and can fold up to the size of carry-on luggage and fit in the overhead bin. That’s a huge time saver considering that we’ve sometimes waited for 45 minutes at the end of the jetway for our gate checked stroller, or worse haven’t received it until the baggage claim area. Does the Mountain Buggy Nano stroller sound great, but you already have your own infant seat to use? The Nano also offers the option to use an included belt to secure any infant car seat to it! You can even use the strap to secure a small/medium size travel toddler car seat. It we were going back to the beginning of our stroller buying days and this was available, you can be sure we’d own it. Check prices for the Mountain Buggy Nano stroller here.
But just like buying a car, most strollers get the job done; finding the "best" one means finding the best one for you. While we think anyone will love our top picks, a person who lives in a third-floor apartment downtown has different needs from a person who lives in the 'burbs. Nearly every stroller on this list offers something for someone, so even our non-winners are worth investigating.
We love the Combi Coccoro! Shoshana actually rides in this seat daily at home and we’ve taken it on every trip for the last five years. While it’s a pricey seat, after two kids we feel we’ve gotten our money’s worth. In our opinion, this is the best travel car seat (at least if your kid isn’t huge). It’s an especially great car seat for travelling abroad thanks to the multiple installation methods and it being one of the lightest toddler car seat options. Check reviews and latest prices here.
This system is a great option for families on tight budgets who don’t need a ton of features. It includes the Graco SnugRide Click Connect 30 infant car seat. The similar Graco SnugRide 35 rated 9.2 on our list. As for the weight and height limits, the car seat fits babies from 4 pounds to 30 pounds and no more than 50 pounds for the stroller. Unfolded dimensions of the stroller are 27.5” L x 41” W x 22” H. Folded dimensions are 28.5” L x 18.5” W x 22.5” H. Car seat dimensions are 26.7” L x 17.5 W x 24.2” H.
Double travel systems (also called tandem travel systems) usually mean double trouble, but it doesn’t have to be that way if you make a smart purchase. They’re not just for twins. You can personalize them to fit your family as it grows. Thanks to the independent sections, you could have an infant in a rear-facing car seat on one side and another child in a forward-sitting position.

2. Infant son is HUGE!!!! One of the reasons we needed a new seat - My 7 month old literally out grew the weight and height recommendations for his infant seat ( Graco Snug fit 35). He is 31 inches long and 25 pounds!!!! So I needed a narrow seat for a big baby...understanding that I would need to get a booster when that time came - cause we got the all in one before and....
The combination of safety, size, and portability make this a top pick among Best Travel Car Seats. The Diono Radian RXT is narrow enough to fit three across the back seat of most cars–an impossibility with other car seats that meet this higher weight limit (compare with the bulky Britax Regent), and at only 17″ wide you can also use it in airplanes with confidence.
The Sit N Stand is great for people who have children of different ages, but it can work for twins as well. It’s compatible with Baby Trend Flex Loc infant car seats and several other brands. The stroller weighs approximately 32.5 pounds. Dimensions are 49″ L X 21.5″ W X 43″ H. It comes in 4 color options: carbon, elixir, millenium, and stormy. Maximum weight should not exceed 40 pounds per child. The rear standing platform is for children over 2.5 years old and below 40 inches high.
If you’re bringing a small car seat like an infant car seat or my beloved Combi Coccoro car seat as your airplane car seat and your stroller has a big basket with good access, you can try tucking the car seat underneath! We’ve done this many times with our Baby Jogger Versa (now the Baby Jogger City Premier) and it would be a great strategy if you have the Uppababy Vista or Uppababy Cruz.
This trendy-looking system features the Maxi Cosi Mico 30 infant car seat. The similar Maxi Cosi Mico AP scored 9.1 on our list, but has a 22 pound weight limit as opposed to the 30 pound limit in the Mico 30. The stroller holds babies and children up to 50 pounds. Folded stroller dimensions are 17" L x 25.5" W x 34" H while unfolded dimensions are 37" L x 25.8" W x 45" H. The car seat dimensions (with base) are 32.5" L x 17.75" W x 22.75" H. 

The Doona Combo is a unique car seat and stroller combo that combines two products into one. This cool combination makes the Doona a ridiculously easy to use product that is good for frequent public transportation and city living families. This combo allows parents to push baby from place to place straight from home to a day on the town. The car seat is easy to use, installs quickly without the base, and fills a niche for parents who live in the city and may otherwise forgo a car seat for the sake of conveniences.
Graco Contender — The Contender is an all-time favorite travel seat at CSFTL. It’s fairly lightweight, though heavier than the Scenera NEXT or SureRide. It boasts a no rethread harness, a straightforward seat belt installation, and the Holy Grail of airplane installation — a closed forward facing belt path that keeps the airplane seat belt’s buckle away from the child’s back.  Remember to ask for a seat belt extender, or buy one for yourself if you travel often.

We have our first trip after having a second child coming up. We will bring the car seat for our toddler in his purchased seat. But what to do for infant/newborn car seat since we didn’t buy a seat for her? Do you recommend checking it at the check in counter? Use it in the airport and then gate check it? For either option, any recommendations for how to securely pack/check it? We do have a layover if that matters.
If you have a short, lightweight travel car seat (check out our recommendations below for portable car seats for travel) you can also extend the canopy of your stroller and rest it on top with the car seat upside down. I’d only recommend this trick if your stroller has a big canopy like the Baby Jogger line or the Uppababy line (I’ve done it with our G-Luxe). Obviously this configuration can be more precarious than the basket, but it does the trick for getting through the airport.
Now, what do we like about this travel system? Well, there is the adjustable 5-point harness that comes with shoulder pads. It even has belly pads and a pillow for added comfort and protection. Its extendable canopy also ensures that your kid stays protected from the sun even if you stay outdoors for hours. Also the peek- o- Boo window in the canopy can keep your child amused for a while.
Custom combos. Sometimes a custom combo is the way to go, especially if you already have a car seat you love but need a stroller to go with it. Many brands like Graco and Britax have strollers that are compatible with several of their seats. Or you can often purchase a car seat adapter so your car seat will fit on a wide variety of strollers. Example: the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller can be used with a LOT of different car seats if you buy a specific car seat adapter.
Where can i buy a cheap car seat stroller combo for our family? When it is the safety of your loved one, we wouldn't recommend cheap or used products as it may compromise the safety of your child. Having said that, there are many branded strollers with good safety records that are available in the market to suit the budget of everyone. Kindly read through our in-depth review and check the pricing before you buy them.
The Graco Relay model is one of the best for parents who like to pick up some speed when they are running and jogging, especially for those who run hills or sprints. It features the Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35, which scored a 9.2 on our list. The seat holds babies from 4 - 35 pounds. The car seat weighs 7.5 pounds without the base and its dimensions are of 30.7” L x 18.7” W x 15.6” H. Stroller folded dimensions are 20.5" L x 33.5" H x 25.5" W.

Check out our full review of the latest Ride Safer travel vest, the Delight. It’s now an indispensable piece of travel gear for our family and we’ve been so glad to have it for our year-long trip around the world. The Ride Safer travel vest is truly a game-changer, in that it provides a safe restraint for kids 3 and up (though we feel more comfortable using it for age 4 and up, especially if there’s no top tether and/or parent sitting in back). Note: not for use on airplanes. 
I know it’s been a few years since your Taiwan posts (which is so helpful!) but I was wondering how your family handled the car seat situation. We are heading to Taiwan for a 1.5 week visit with our just recently 2 year old from the US. I’m accustomed to the security of having my daughter in a car seat but I don’t want to haul this beast halfway across the world just to find out the taxis don’t even have an anchor for it. While we are going to use the trains when we can, realistically we are definitely going to be using taxis at least a few times.
We recently started using the Bubblebum as backup for Jacob (almost 6yo) and it’s certainly convenient to have around! Update: We’ve now been using it for almost a year of full-time travel, and we love it! It’s an inflatable cushion that has a positioning clip on each side to keep the lap belt in place and an optional clip to position the shoulder belt at the right spot. It’s an awesome portable car seat for travel! It folds up into a small stuff sack, about the size of a very compact sleeping bag. Inflating is a breeze and Jacob is learning how to get himself in and out. Note: not for use on airplanes. Read our full review or check prices here.
One of the most unique features is the memory recline option - the stroller seat goes back to where it was before you folded it. It’s a great option for parents who have children who are only comfortable in one position - like colicky babies. The child tray also swings out easily so your toddler can get in and out by herself. The removable child tray liner is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
Unfortunately, the Expedition Double lacks tracking and suspension, so you won't want to run with it regularly, but the ability to take it on a quick run makes it a more versatile option compared to traditional double options. It is also bulky and heavy compared to lightweight options so it isn't good for travel. However, if you want a double with rubber tires and a three-wheel design for slick maneuverability, then this economical option is one to go for.
Yay love the Trunki suitcases!! I am even more impressed now with them after 13 months on the road and they are still great and have held up really well. As for the seats – I like the Trunki boostapak more from a booster seat point of view – it seemed safer, more stable and more comfortable. However, it does take up more room so it depends if the extra backpack would be annoying or not.

That’s great to hear as we have just got our bubblebum. It’s ridiculous what car rental companies charge. We took that option on our US road trip as we didn’t have time to try to buy them (and there was no way I was travelling with two car seats from Australia – our kids were too young for bubblebum like options then and they are not allowed in Australia anyway) and it still annoys me that we paid $200 for seats that were not that great.